Security Services

Proactive. Wise. Courageous.

Police departments in the PDX area continue to have strained, limited resources. Because of that, you may have noticed an increase in crime in and around your city and community — vandalism, robbery, theft, and abandoned vehicles. Atlas Pacific Security helps to fill that gap by keeping your community and businesses safe.
private security guard in patrol car with police radio

Proactive, armed day & night patrol services

Commercial Property & Security Services
Response to Incident Calls
Removal of Unwanted Vehicles
Property Security Surveys
Parking Enforcement
Transient Enforcement
Eviction Standby
Personal Security
On-Site Security Patrols
Other Security Solutions
Remote Camera Monitoring
Digital Surveillance

Places we provide security

We offer custom monthly service packages to meet your needs. Contact us for a quote.
  • Private HOA Communities
  • Condos & Apartment Complexes
  • Office Parks
  • Strip Malls
  • Construction Sites
  • Commercial Complexes
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Highly Trained Security Officers

  • Armed certification - licensed for taser, baton, pepper spray, handcuffs, personal body weapons
  • Security officer training & de-escalation training that each officer must complete and pass
  • 124 hours of security training including state training for Oregon, Washington and hands-on field training
  • Regular evaluations to maintain quality and consistency

Proactive to Keep the Community Safe

  • Officers will actively defend their clients and the community
  • Know the community so they can easily identify suspicious activity
  • Provide community security patrols to deter unauthorized guests
  • Insured to cover incidents
Dad teaching his kid how to ride a bike in a safe community

Progressive Technology

  • Body cameras for transparency and safety
  • Mobile data terminals with current client info
  • Dispatch & communication equipment for reliable calls
  • Future plans for dashcams with full audio and visual
  • Computer-aided dispatch
  • Photos & Video taken for accuracy and evidence
  • Remote camera monitoring
  • GPS and Geofencing tracking